Case study: DLR

Docklands Light Railway.

From its opening in 1987 to today, DLR has expanded enormously and continues to grow. According to the Department of Transport, in 2014/15 the DLR made over 110 million passenger journeys, covering 3.6 million miles and generating over £143 million in passenger revenue. With these figures, and it's position bordering London's financial district in Canary Wharf, it should be no surprise that security is a big deal for DLR.

Tecton has grown with DLR, and assisted with the transition from analogue security to the high definition IP security products in use today.

HD cameras are particularly suited to this application, as the higher resolution cameras, equipped with a suitable lens, tend to able to cover a much wider area than a standard definition analogue camera. Tecton Liberator recorders are able to record both analogue and IP cameras, and hence make the transition easy. The ability to hot swap disks, and immediately retrieve evidence by removing a disk was also a big factor in the choice of the Liberator. Unlike other video recorders, Tecton units have a unique, no tool quick access method to the disks, which are playable as stand-alone entities, just like a video tape. The use of this system by DLR, in a RAID-1 configuration, means that a disk can be removed as evidence, whilst an exact replica remains in the recorder for continued access.


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