Rail Applications

Rail Applications

From stations to track-side, Tecton covers the rail network.

Over the last 25 years, Tecton has been the preferred choice of the UK rail network. Our ultra robust video recording products have been a vital element in maintaining security on this critical element of UK national infrastructure.

Tecton recorders are unique in their approach to this important task. Our engineers craft our solutions from the ground up, without relying upon the off-the-shelf approaches, that frankly would make our job easier, but ultimately lead to an inferior product. By designing our own hardware, and writing our own software, we can engineer solutions that can be supported for life, and be in service for 15 years or more. This is our promise to our UK rail customers, and one that we can back up with a very enviable track history...

Ongoing support and continuity of supply is an important element in the choice of products used in all transportation sectors, and particurlarly rail operators. Tecton excel in this area, since the products are built and designed in the UK.

Most Tecton products are designed to run with absolutely no scheduled maintenance, so installation in areas with highly controlled access restrictions becomes a none-issue.,

Our in-house design team allows Tecton products to be adapted to meet customer requirements, long after other suppliers will have declared their model "obsolete".

Our flexible, modular approach to building systems means that the same components can be used for systems large or small. When scaled up for large systems, this approach makes sure that there are no single points of failure. This is a very important concept in Tecton systems, and one which you will see us refer to often, such is the importance we place upon it.

Case Studies

  • Case study: The British Library

    The British Library houses over 150 Million items, from daily newspapers to literally priceless historical relics. Clearly, security is important to this national institution. Find out how Tecton helped the transition to HD video surveillance and recording.

    Case study: The British Library
  • Case study: DLR

    Tecton has a long established record of supplying the UK rail networks, so it's perhaps no surprise that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is one of the many rail projects that is protected by Tecton designed and manufactured equipment.

    Case study: DLR

Our customers

We're proud to provide our products to some of the most recognisable names in the UK.


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